Angels and Demons

Arvind Kejriwal: An anti-corruption crusader,
To some he is a messiah while for some he is a traitor.
Cut to November 2012 he promised us a revolution,
Vowing to liberate us from the clutches of corruption.
He had to part ways with Anna as he chose to take the road not taken,
Knowing fully well that his political journey was going to be tumultuous and forsaken.

End of Team Anna fast
He formed Aam Aadmi Party and dared to take on the biggies,
Enticing Delhites with ‘bijli-paani’ freebies.
Political pundits wrote him off touting his defeat,
He surprised one and all by winning 28 seats.
He had to strike a deal with the devil to form a coalition,
Joining hands with Congress, the party he had accused of large-scale corruption.

His joy was short-lived as his tenure lasted 49 days,
He realized that administration wasn’t all about rhetoric and grace.
Resignation followed with claims that AAP was handicapped by the coalition,
A majority was now to be won to get a shot at redemption.

2013 was a successful year for AAP but hard times were yet to come,
Yogendra Yadav claimed that AAP was falling prey to the same ‘Personality Cult’ they had vowed to overcome.
Shazia Ilmi resigned and the 2014 General Elections were lost,
Mr Modi vanquished Kejriwal who was forced to bite the dust.

The tables turned yet again,
The 2015 Delhi Elections proved to be a landslide victory,
Our ‘Mufflerman’ had clearly earmarked Delhi as his territory.
BJP had been reduced to a paltry 3/70 while Congress had failed to get off the mark,
The people of Delhi were joyous as they hoped to witness a revolution embark.

Fast forward to 2017, 2 years at the helm of affairs were sufficient to bring about a change,
Mohalla clinics promised to be a game-changer but are still in the nascent stage.
The government is ‘high’ on ideas on Delhi pollution,
Yet has flattered to deceive in implementation.
The ‘Odd-Even’ rule provided us temporary relief,
But the ailing transport system is a constant source of grief.
5000 buses were promised and not a single bus has been added,
But the government’s impetus on education has to be lauded.
3.5 lakh students in classes 6-8 could not read despite attending school,
Such was the appalling state of affairs in Delhi government schools.
The ‘Chunauti Mission’ helped 1 lakh students read over a timespan of just two months,
For once AAP’s policy came out trumps.


The AAP government pushes civic works in Delhi slums but their policy remains stuck in red tape,
The legalisation of unauthorized colonies too appears to have a gloomy fate.
AAP’s manifesto was lit with brilliant ideas like ‘Jahaan Jhuggi wahaan Makaan’,Free Wifi and installation of CCTV cameras,
Unfortunately they have proven to be a farce.

The jury is out and there is only one thing we can be certain about,
With 2 years left AAP has to make it’s Time Count.

By Chitranjan Jain


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