Naxalism and the Indian State

To understand the origins of Naxalism and the political mechanisms behind it, we must understand the history of Communism and Communist parties in India. The Communist Party of India (CPI) was founded on December 26, 1925. The Great October Socialist Revolution inspired the founders of the CPI. In 1963, the CPI had split into two factions with the newer one being called the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPM.

Who deciphered Hanuman’s Caste?

Be it the media or the common man, before one can actually understand the plight of the agrarian community, or the impact of loan waivers, the first and last task often is to characterize the merit of a move based on political inclination. With such an approach, holistic questions shall seldom be thrown at the government, deaths shall persist as paltry statistics and inclusive growth shall remain far fetched. And the media and us, until then, can both can successfully debate, who deciphered Hanuman’s caste.
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The Kota Quota

Over thirteen lakh students appear for the JEE every year, out of which only 10,000 make the cut after advanced. That’s a success rate of only 0.7%. According to East India Comedy’s news sketch show ‘EIC Outrage’, “You have a better chance of Emma Watson swiping right on your tinder than you have of making it to an IIT.”

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