No Excuse for Abuse

“Every night, the thought of killing her rapist doesn’t let her sleep; Every morning, without fail, she makes breakfast for him.” This cycle of events is very common in Indian households where daughters are taught from their adolescence to be selfless and fulfill their man’s desire.
With 2020 only a couple of years away, India is still struggling to give women a life of honor and one without the fear of being assaulted on roads, public places or even in their own homes.

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No Country For Scrutiny?

On 22nd August, the Supreme Court, in a 3 to 2 close vote, finally decided to declare the regressive practice of triple talaq unconstitutional. The five-judge constitution bench, constituting of judges from 5 different religions, found triple talaq to be in violation of Article 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution, and since it is also classified as undesirable by the Sharia law, it is not protected by Article 25.

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What Does the Fox Say?

Many articles out there that contain fake facts, tampered numbers, warped scenarios, and even blatant lies. And a lot of people have noticed this as well. Trust in the media is at an all-time low in the current world, especially in countries like the United States. Many news agencies have pre-set political stances, opinions and biases. Truth be told, there is almost never an utterly unbiased news agency. This leads to most of their articles favouring one political agenda over the other. But above and beyond the external factors, personal biases creep in only to make things worse.  The public generally tends to gravitate towards an opinion that affirms their prior beliefs. This creates echo chambers that may perpetuate fake news.

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Bomb Thy Neighbour?

Excerpt: 1 dictator, 6 years of interest conflicts, 60 nations, 70 rounds of airstrikes, 10000 missiles launched, 50000 militants dead, millions of civilians slaughtered and left homeless, billions in money and resources burnt, and everything back to the same point where it started.

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Put Down the Knife, and Walk Away

Gender, culture and rights intersect in intricate and complex ways. The critical issue, from the human rights perspective, is not whether and how religion, culture and tradition prevail over women’s human rights, but about how one can arrive at a point at which women own both their culture, and their human rights.

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The Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet

The ascension of Ram Nath Kovind for the post of the first citizen of India came as a no surprise to the town that has already been painted saffron. Opposition’s presidential candidate Meira Kumar was defeated in an easy election by the former Bihar governor, becoming the second Dalit candidate to be the president elect. A media shy person with ideologies in complete sync with that of our PM, Kovind boasts of great organizational skills and loyalty to the BJP.

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Paint the Town Saffron

Fierce debates with aggressive moderators sell intolerance like it’s the new trend coming next fall. It’s become a fashion to protest, no wonder people are finding all ways possible to be heard and noticed. The incapacitated police and judicial system in its current state is not even close to getting this situation under control anytime soon.

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One Death is a Tragedy, One Million is a Statistic

Abdul Hamid al-Youssef’s wife Dala and twins, Ahmed and Aya, were killed in a suspected Sarin attack in Syria. “My children, my children, they were beautiful”, the widower screams in a heartbreaking footage of his visit to the makeshift burial site where his beloved wife and children were laid to rest. Humanity was at its lowest again, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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Indirect Wise, Direct Foolish

With a complex, inconsistent and multi-layered tax structure, the consumer has often ended up feeling cheated and ripped off. Cross-border compliance, compounding of taxes on domestic goods and separate central and state taxes had only made the system more complex. At the stroke of the midnight hour on 30th of June 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed the button to officially roll out the much-awaited Goods and Service Tax (GST).

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Love the Patni, Fear the Begum?

Excerpt: The growing trend of Islamophobia needs to be stopped in its track, failing to do so would only worsen the situation beyond repair. The Facebook generation has seen ideas spreading faster than it ever had. If instances of hate happen in one corner of the world, it gets picked up by like minded people before we even know it. People are always angry on twitter, hiding behind the comfort of their computer and mobile screens, spewing racism and bigotry like the whole world agrees. The scary part is, that many do.

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Not Guilty?

Excerpt: Despite Castile and his girlfriend repeatedly telling the officer that Castile wasn’t reaching out for his firearm, Officer Yanez, complying with the stereotypical image of a trigger-happy cop, killed an innocent black man.

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