Excerpt: A vulnerable orphan teen faces challenges that wouldn’t exist in a stable family. One doesn’t need to be a biological parent to truly be a parent. Do read this article by Divyam Khandelwal.

Pother in Paradise

Excerpt: Given the volatile and dire nature of the events unfolding in Maldives, the onus is on the international community to respond to the need of the hour and work to restore law and order.
Do read this article by Krishnadev Menon.

Thaw In Relations?

North Korea and South Korea have agreed to march together under a unified flag at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. The decision follows official talks between the two nations after they had not been on talking terms for more than two years.
Read this article by Jivat Neet Kaur.

The Menace That Is Female Foeticide.

In a country that worships mothers, that symbolizes prosperity with women, female foeticide is a disheartening, ironical truth. Do read this article by Harshiel B. Shah.

A.Raja, Bribes, Corruption, Deceit : The ABCD of the 2G scam

Excerpt: The nation was shocked a few days back when in a new twist to the 2G spectrum, 17 of the accused including former Telecom Minister A. Raja and DMK MP Kanimozhi were acquitted of all charges by a special CBI court. Do read this article by Niranjan Jahagirdar.

Rise Of Right Wing Politics

The victory of several far-right organizations has emboldened the xenophobic elements of our society. Do read this article by Niranjan Jahagirdar and Krishnadev Menon.

Radioactive? Radioactive.

Excerpt: Lack of storage for nuclear waste is a genuine dilemma for the United States, and its case study usually serves as one of the very few valid arguments against nuclear energy.

Do read this article by Saksham Sinha.

DeMo’s child: Digital India

Digital India has the potential to lead to a truly connected India and enable real time responses that commit to a better future with sustainable ideas.

Do read this article by Anirudh Singla.

Status Quo At Doklam

With BRICS summit in sight, India and China have agreed to an “expeditious disengagement” of troops in Doklam, a disputed border area in Bhutan where their soldiers have been locked in a standoff for more than two months.

Do read this article by Anishkumar SS.