The Battle for Bengal

The Battle for Bengal Frequently associated with roshogollas, Durga Pujo and fish, West Bengal has a number of delights that may interest a casual tourist. However, in current affairs, what matters is the sizeable chunk of 42 Lok Sabha seats Bengal has to offer, and in this state of several attractions, lies the gashes of…

Do Educational Institutions have a Social Responsibility? By Dr Shashank Shah

An interesting initiative to create awareness towards a greater sense of purpose and societal sensitivity in management students, and to gain their lifelong commitment towards it, was the creation of a ‘Hippocratic Oath for Managers’, which would serve as a professional credo for MBA graduates. Professor Rakesh Khurana, Dean, Harvard College, and Professor Nitin Nohria, Dean, Harvard Business School, suggested that like the Hippocratic Oath for doctors or the oaths that attorneys take to be admitted to the bar, a management oath would outline values and ideals to which managers should commit themselves.

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European Migrant Crisis

Continuous wars and political unrest have forced refugees and migrants in the Middle East and Southeast Asia to flee the turmoil in their homelands towards safer European shores, undertaking treacherous journeys from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt. Almost 90 % of refugees and migrants have paid organised criminals and people smugglers to get them across borders.
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Naxalism and the Indian State

To understand the origins of Naxalism and the political mechanisms behind it, we must understand the history of Communism and Communist parties in India. The Communist Party of India (CPI) was founded on December 26, 1925. The Great October Socialist Revolution inspired the founders of the CPI. In 1963, the CPI had split into two factions with the newer one being called the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPM.

An appeal to young voters

Hyper-Nationalism under the guise of patriotism is thrust down our throats like a civil duty in this nation.Instead we should be promoting voting as the apogee of civil duty.10 minutes of research for the candidates up for polls in your constituency is all that is required. Read up on their agendas, views, ideologies, income and criminal records and don’t vote solely on partisan lines or the projected lead candidate.
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In the last decade, some over-greedy mortgage brokers, profit-chasing banks and financial institutions in the United States of America triggered the global financial crisis which exploded into a worldwide economic meltdown. The brokers lured high-risk buyers with poor or no credit history into accepting housing mortgages, and the financial institutions packaged these high-risk debts into Collateral Debt Obligations (CDOs) and sold them to unsuspecting investors across the world, many of them being retired employees who unknowingly invested their life’s savings in these toxic securities, and ended up losing all of it.
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Who deciphered Hanuman’s Caste?

Be it the media or the common man, before one can actually understand the plight of the agrarian community, or the impact of loan waivers, the first and last task often is to characterize the merit of a move based on political inclination. With such an approach, holistic questions shall seldom be thrown at the government, deaths shall persist as paltry statistics and inclusive growth shall remain far fetched. And the media and us, until then, can both can successfully debate, who deciphered Hanuman’s caste.
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The Kota Quota

Over thirteen lakh students appear for the JEE every year, out of which only 10,000 make the cut after advanced. That’s a success rate of only 0.7%. According to East India Comedy’s news sketch show ‘EIC Outrage’, “You have a better chance of Emma Watson swiping right on your tinder than you have of making it to an IIT.”

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High School Warfare

The last thing a parent should be worried about when he sends his kid to school is for his kid to be shot dead during recess. America is in dire need of a political leader to address this issue who takes it upon himself to bring about a paradigm revolution in the way the American leadership thinks about gun laws.

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India’s Identity crisis: Big Brother or Devil’s Advocate

However, the impending question that is being scrutinised by multiple stakeholders of the issue remains unanswered:

Is India doing the right thing by deporting over 40,000 Rohingya Muslims on the pretext of national security?

With a growing population of 1.3 billion people, the Government of India is finding it hard to cater to the needs of such a massive population. There is an unimaginable strain on our resources. India has been experiencing acute poverty, water and food shortage and insufficient infrastructure. Adding 40,000 non-citizens to its population with the associated risk of granting terrorists posing as deported Rohingyas a free pass into the country, is a risk that India can’t afford to take.