Do Educational Institutions have a Social Responsibility? By Dr Shashank Shah

An interesting initiative to create awareness towards a greater sense of purpose and societal sensitivity in management students, and to gain their lifelong commitment towards it, was the creation of a ‘Hippocratic Oath for Managers’, which would serve as a professional credo for MBA graduates. Professor Rakesh Khurana, Dean, Harvard College, and Professor Nitin Nohria, Dean, Harvard Business School, suggested that like the Hippocratic Oath for doctors or the oaths that attorneys take to be admitted to the bar, a management oath would outline values and ideals to which managers should commit themselves.

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In the last decade, some over-greedy mortgage brokers, profit-chasing banks and financial institutions in the United States of America triggered the global financial crisis which exploded into a worldwide economic meltdown. The brokers lured high-risk buyers with poor or no credit history into accepting housing mortgages, and the financial institutions packaged these high-risk debts into Collateral Debt Obligations (CDOs) and sold them to unsuspecting investors across the world, many of them being retired employees who unknowingly invested their life’s savings in these toxic securities, and ended up losing all of it.
Read this guest blogpost by Dr. Shashank Shah, Business Author and Strategist to know more.