A Tale Of One (Two) Cities: Jerusalem

Excerpt: The unilateral declaration of acceptance of Jerusalem as solely Israel’s capital by Donald Trump leaves the globe worried, and the people of Palestine angry. Why was there an issue at all? And if there was, then how did it escalate to the situation today? Read this blog by Mainak Mandal to know more.


Excerpt: A vulnerable orphan teen faces challenges that wouldn’t exist in a stable family. One doesn’t need to be a biological parent to truly be a parent. Do read this article by Divyam Khandelwal.

I Ask You, How Free is Free?

Right to free speech, which happens to be one of the most fundamental human rights, has been on the crosshair for a while now. People on the left are restricting free speech in an attempt to shape a more politically correct society, and here in India, our restrictive societal structure falls into disarray the moment someone voices an unpopular opinion. While technically we possess the right to free speech, but the ever-growing restrictions on what can be said and what cannot raise one single question: How Free is Free?
Do read this article by Satwadhi Das.

No Excuse for Abuse

“Every night, the thought of killing her rapist doesn’t let her sleep; Every morning, without fail, she makes breakfast for him.” This cycle of events is very common in Indian households where daughters are taught from their adolescence to be selfless and fulfill their man’s desire.
With 2020 only a couple of years away, India is still struggling to give women a life of honor and one without the fear of being assaulted on roads, public places or even in their own homes.

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No Country For Scrutiny?

On 22nd August, the Supreme Court, in a 3 to 2 close vote, finally decided to declare the regressive practice of triple talaq unconstitutional. The five-judge constitution bench, constituting of judges from 5 different religions, found triple talaq to be in violation of Article 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution, and since it is also classified as undesirable by the Sharia law, it is not protected by Article 25.

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Bomb Thy Neighbour?

Excerpt: 1 dictator, 6 years of interest conflicts, 60 nations, 70 rounds of airstrikes, 10000 missiles launched, 50000 militants dead, millions of civilians slaughtered and left homeless, billions in money and resources burnt, and everything back to the same point where it started.

Do read this article By Sanidhya Pandey and Rishabh Shekhar.

The Ballot Is Stronger Than The Bullet

The ascension of Ram Nath Kovind for the post of the first citizen of India came as a no surprise to the town that has already been painted saffron. Opposition’s presidential candidate Meira Kumar was defeated in an easy election by the former Bihar governor, becoming the second Dalit candidate to be the president elect. A media shy person with ideologies in complete sync with that of our PM, Kovind boasts of great organizational skills and loyalty to the BJP.

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One Death is a Tragedy, One Million is a Statistic

Abdul Hamid al-Youssef’s wife Dala and twins, Ahmed and Aya, were killed in a suspected Sarin attack in Syria. “My children, my children, they were beautiful”, the widower screams in a heartbreaking footage of his visit to the makeshift burial site where his beloved wife and children were laid to rest. Humanity was at its lowest again, and there was nothing he could do about it.

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