Claim to fame, in 51.46 seconds

“Well, who dreams of making it large and fulfils it too soon to appear reality? It’s a girl who clocked 51.46 seconds at the women’s 400 m final at the IAAF World Under 20 Championship 2018, in Tampere, Finland creating history as the first Indian woman to win a gold on track at a global event — not even two years since she started professional training. Extraordinary achievements require extraordinary spirits, right?”

Do read this blog by Jivat to know more.

How ‘Veer’ Was Veer Savarkar?

Excerpt: Veer Savarkar is a man increasingly being recognised as the man who got India independence from the British, and slowly being made the face of nationalism by right wing factions. Who is this man, who has sidelined the likes of Gandhi and Nehru and why was he called ‘veer’ (brave)? Read this piece by Niranjan to know more.

Copper Hustle

Excerpt: A small innocent protest against a factory which caused environmental pollution and threatened their lives led to bloodshed over time. The fruits of environmental awareness among people were their lives. Astonishing isn’t it? Read this post by Anishkumar S S to know more.


Excerpt: A vulnerable orphan teen faces challenges that wouldn’t exist in a stable family. One doesn’t need to be a biological parent to truly be a parent. Do read this article by Divyam Khandelwal.

The Menace That Is Female Foeticide.

In a country that worships mothers, that symbolizes prosperity with women, female foeticide is a disheartening, ironical truth. Do read this article by Harshiel B. Shah.

Angels and Demons

“The 2015 Delhi Elections proved to be a landslide victory,
Our ‘Mufflerman’ had clearly earmarked Delhi as his territory.
BJP had been reduced to a paltry 3/70 while Congress had failed to get off the mark,
The people of Delhi were joyous as they hoped to witness a revolution embark.”
Did the Delhi residents really witness a revolution?

Do read this poem by Chitranjan Jain.

A Vision Without Vision

Paralympians still strive for equal treatment with non-disabled Olympic athletes, but there is a large funding gap between Olympic and Paralympic athletes. When the Paralympic athletes get the same respect for their dedication and strong will as other Olympians, we will reach to a whole new level of egalitarianism.

Do read this article by Jivatneet Kaur.

I Won The Race But My Race Lost: A Walk Through History

The Olympics has been used as a podium to highlight and challenge issues related to racism throughout the world. Racism persists even today as exemplified by the Gabby Douglas- Simone Biles mixup, Rafaela-Maranhao racist tweets.

Do read this article by Aditya Ramachandran.

May Heaven Rest in Kashmir

The India media sees Kashmir as a TRP Booster Pack. Kashmir is New Delhi’s migraine. The truth remains that New Delhi doesn’t care much about its migraine. They think it doesn’t have a cure. Probably true. All that’s to do is keep your pills, or pellets at bay. The next time the migraine hits you, just shoot a pill down your throat and a pellet down their eye and wait for the next hit. Convenient,  isn’t it?

Do read this article by Aditya Goyal.